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The Next Generation Think Tank of Bihar

Ranjan Mistry, 24 years old,college dropout, is one of the youngest social entrepreneurs from Bihar and think tank of Bihar, mostly known for designing entrepreneurial atmosphere in Bihar and bring education in 10 Naxal affected Villages of Gaya.Mr. Mistry was first one from Bihar nominated for Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 by Forbes Asia.Mr. Mistry Launched a Program Nxt100 in which Mistry will make 100 Entrepreneurs and personally mentor and guide them at free of cost.

Mistry Thought

The Next Generation Connecting the dots...

Empowering Next Generation

Mr. Mistry is Empowering the Next Generation.

Reviving Education

Mr. Mistry is trying to revive the education system with latest and current technology and system in India.

Transforming Rural India

Mr. Mistry is trying to transform Rural India through several startups.

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Exploring Rural India with Innovation and Juggad


Entrepreneurs Will Need To Bounce Back From This Crisis Sooner Or Later

As big of a health impact that COVID 19 has created, the economic impact is far bigger. I have word with Startups founders, teams and Entrepreneur in Bihar and most of the
By : Ranjan Mistry | Apr 28, 2020

Entrepreneurship Is A Lonely Journey And An Entrepreneur Always Lonely At The Top

Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and an entrepreneur is the person who is always lonely at the top. This is the most vital and harsh truth of an entrepreneur’s life which I
By : Ranjan Mistry | Apr 28, 2020

These 8 Government Schemes Help Women To Do Business!

There has been a startup boom in our country in the recent past and another good thing with it is the participation of women in the field of new ventures. From the
By : Ranjan Mistry | Mar 20, 2020

Vineet, 16 years old of Aurangabad made petrol from plastic

At the age of 16, Vineet of Aurangabad has done what the scientists of big countries have not been able to do. Vineet has made such an invention, which has attracted the
By : admin | Jan 30, 2020

What People Think for Mr. Mistry

Sochte Toh jarur Hoge Ache Yaa Bure, Janana Jaruri Hai

Aarey Choro na Ranjan Ki Baat, Ushka toh Kaam hai daatna aur salah dena! Kal Baat Karte Hai toh Bol Denge Ushko ki aise Na Kare!Shreya Sharma & Juhi Smita,
Ranjan Acha Bacha hai lekin thoda Garam Khun ka Hai, Bebak Hai, Samjhate Hai toh Samjhta Nahi Hai,Naukri Karne Bole toh Nahi Kiya,Kaam Karne Bole toh Woh Bhi Nahi, Pata Nahi Mere Baadh Kya Karega.Lekin Sune Hai ki Kuch Kar Raha Hai Bihar Ke Liye!Mistry Father,
Aye Babu Hmko Ka Pata Beta ka Karta hai,Hum Padhe Likhe thode Hai.Papa se toh bs Jhagra Karte Rehta Hai lekin ek baat ki Khusi Hai Jb Akhbaar aur TV pr Photo Aata. Hum toh Yahi Chahte hai ki Bacha sb acha se settle ho jaie! Papa toh khali kehte ki Din Bhar TV Dabba yaani ki Laptop Lekar Film Dekhte Rehta Hai.Mistry Mother,

Connecting the dots....

Start Local, Think Global | Bihari Ka Apna Startup

Mr. Mistry Heart

Mr. Mistry believes that Trust is the Biggest factor while working with people so, it's not people, it's your Heart which work!

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